Parking Garage Micro Interactions



For this project, you will design a control that has a distinct input and associated outcome. Your control may be a physical or digital control. The input can be manual or automatic, and the output might be a resulting action or display of information.


A lighted arm bar as you enter the parking garage to give you a clear but simple indication about how full a parking garage is without adding cognitive load.


Carnegie Mellon University course


2018, micro interactions, interaction design


2.5 weeks


Erector set, Arduino


Josh LeFevre

My role:

Design strategist, design researcher, prototyper





The solution of a lighted parking arm indicating how many spots remain in a parking garage was my final solution. This solution fulfilled my desire to use the overlooked, make the visual signifiers to feel like a polite concierge service who helps a user reduce stress. This interaction is passive but makes meaning of the delay time between a user pulling a ticket and the parking arm being raised. For instance, if a user pulls in, rushed to find a spot, and they notice that there are only ten percent of the spot remaining. Then, when they are driving through the garage the anxiety is lowered and patience increased as they look for a parking space.

Building the parking arm in a physical form helped me think through the physical limitation and possibilities of the Parking garage arm.