Translate Ryecatcher’s current online student tracking platform into a simplified table-based user experience.


Create an integrated platform app that helps users create, navigate, and act on content in a meaningful way. We sought to utilize in the moment actionability and intelligent tools to speed up necessary precesses.

Client: Ryecatcher Education

Project: 2018, UI/UX App design

Duration: 6 weeks

Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Design research, Usability testing

Team: Josh LeFevre, Ulu Mills, Raphael Levy, Vanessa Calderon

My role:: Information architect, wirframer, design researcher, form development



Ryecatcher style tile based on branding, design unification, and usability testing


Our solution was to surface relevant data and action items and bring them to the user’s attention. Often these details got buried on the current desktop platform’s layout and data logging approach. This led to simplified, always accessible sidebar menu. In addition to in-feed action items with clear meta data and history.

Through styling and updated iconography we were able to prove increased recognition and encourage correct data input while decreasing individual task time.

Brining the data to the forefront helps give users the ability to find and address potential student problems before they flare into large issues. As well as alert other faculty and administration as necessary.

The new app was also designed with large touch targets in order to facilitate discreet in-class, at recess, and in-meeting note taking.

A focus on simplifying the form and unifying data fields scattered around the desktop platform increased adherence to entering data on-time and accurately.

To simplify implementation, we also provided annotated screens for the developers to use as a guide.

Student profile mock-up

Simplified notes form input and feed

Student trends and basic data visualization

One Tap actions such as taking meeting attendance.


Annotated Wireframes

New note form entry from 15 differ t notes types consolidated to 4 with half as many fields

** To see the complete app’s annotations, click here.

Student feed annotated


information arcitechture

 We built the app through these assumed user flows per our research and usability testing

We built the app through these assumed user flows per our research and usability testing

 Simplified site map for the app

Simplified site map for the app


Final PResentation

Please click here to see the final presentation.