What is music service could be designed to artist revenue or move music from passive to active using both both physical and digital touch points.


SOUND BITE–a business-to-business music company that develops curated music pairings for home delivery food services. This service is open to all delivery service in order to pairs music, according to research of musical synesthesia, with a food’s recipe–taste, textures, and ingredients in order enhance the dining experience and keep the customers returning for more.


Sound Bite aims to help make mealtime more interesting by pairing acoustics with your tastebuds to create a more enjoyable dining experience.



2018, Service Design


Carnegie Mellon University, Service Design Course


Josh LeFevre, Soonho Kwon, Susie Lee, Mary Tsai


7 weeks


After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Physical prototyping

My role:

Design strategist, service blueprinting, prototyper, storyteller



Key features

Mock up of the (music pairing card. The orange spaces were used for the demo/live music pairing for the AR integration and social engagement.

Mock up of the (music pairing card. The orange spaces were used for the demo/live music pairing for the AR integration and social engagement.

  • Integrated recipe and music pairing.

  • White labeled for home delivery food service .

  • Recipe specific “Music tasting” card to add engagement and education about the effect of music on taste.

  • Musical artist and platform partnerships.


To view the final presentation please click here.



Understanding the problem


Artists get paid pennies on the dollar for their music and it is often stolen. While home food-delivery services sales spike with about a 2 month commitment and then drop off. From our conversations with Blue Apron and hello fresh, most customers tend to drop off due to decreased engagement and novelty.

We began research around how music could improve the dining experience and increase user engagement across time while increasing the revenue of music artists. What we found was that specifically music beyond genre or playlist existed and was successful.



Exploratory Research


After our preliminary interviews, research roleplaying, secondary academic research, and a community survey around music and food we identified key stake holders and approaches to integrate music and food. We then brainstormed key pain points or opportunities for each.

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 11.26.43 AM.png


research synthesis


Music affects one’s perception of flavor and texture just as much as a location or experience.

Existing research points to music enhancing the dining experience more than just cooking food.

Food delivery services are seeking ways to retain customers and elevate the in-home cooking experience.

Social components improve the dining experience.

Sonic seasoning and synesthesia are the scientific art of pairing sounds, instruments, and rhythms, to specific ingredients, nuanced flavors, and complementary textures. For example, the perception of sweetness is elevated while listening to high pitched music, and sour foods are enhanced by brassy sounds.





During our ideation phase, we began brainstorming viable business models and execution strategies. this led to our value flow stake holder map below. This map guided our future decisions on what features to include or exclude.

SoundBite value flow

SoundBite value flow



Concept development


Our concept was based off developing both an end user and business-to-business service plan. By creating both of these we could better develop the needed touch-points and sales pitch for existing companies.

B2B service blueprint (SoundBite + food delivery services)

B2B service blueprint (SoundBite + food delivery services)

Customer journey blueprint

Customer journey blueprint





For this round of prototyping, we allowed users to draw prototypes for how they would like food and music to be paired while dining. Below is just one example. In the complete documentation you can see more. These ideas led us to create the music paring card.



User testing


After conducting TWELVE controlled user tests by testing specific food and music pairings, we found that by pairing specific music with individual ingredients and textures that not only were the flavors enhanced but overall enjoyment of the food increased by ~ 30%.



High fidelity design


Below are the high-fidelity mock-ups of the service touchpoints we designed. We kept the designs basic and minimal; so that, they could be white labeled by existing food delivery services.


A mock up of how our service would integrate with a service like Blue Apron.

Branding visualization

Branding visualization

Food delivery packing

Food delivery packing

Recipe + Music Pairing card

Recipe + Music Pairing card



Reflection + Next Steps + My role



Initially, we were only focused on helping artists earn more money from their music. However, we realized that by paring music with normal life experiences, such as cooking, in a unique way that we could help serve business needs. While encouraging end users to be more purposeful about their food and music pairings. As designers, we should work to improve existing systems by leveraging current research.

Next steps

  1. Food Delivery service sales

  2. Platform contracts

  3. Live testing

  4. Table top music device

  5. Restaurant integration

My role

  • Service blueprints

  • Value flow strategy

  • Scenario/case set-up